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The RTS, the Random Trolling Society is made up by users FiamonderDX, formerly known as Fiamonder10 and known as Fiamonder10DX on Youtube and MikeyLevi, also known as Leviathan and m13k13 on Youtube.

Main characters of the RTS are: Gordan, Louis and Fish.

Their awesome friends are called: Andrew, Susan, Bill, and Mohammmed. Jim is Gordan's father.

How the RTS poof'dEdit

It all started with a bored FiamonderDX. He thought of random names. He thought about a trollish idea of making a Youtube video called 'GORDAN ADVENTURES DX' which would've featured a naked fat old man with powder on his face, the famous Vagineer and something completely, let's say weird, since it would burst your brains out.

Then, he was like 'wat'. He opened Paint.NET, and drawed something that looked like a potato. He added hair on the top of the potato. But then, suddenly, out of nowhere, a face appeared on that potato. After that happened, FiamonderDX was like 'wat' again, and drawed a circle under that pota- head. That appearently transformed in his body. He said 'lolk' and named it Gordan.

Later on, he came on the SA2DX irc (chatbox), and told his Internet friend what magically happened. That guy was called MikeyLevi. He freaked out, grabbed his tv, ate it, and told me that we should do something with this. FiamonderDX drawed another character, and named it Louis. MikeyLevi drawed Fish, and that's how it moved on.

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