Louis Tickplick himself.

Louis Tickplick, also known as 'the addict' was born on 16 August 1995 in Swasiland, Mylair.

Louis is very tall, but dumb as a dog who drinks beer. He gets the lowest grades on school, and still writes 'ameryka' instead of 'America'. He masturbates every day, and got caught by Susan once. He has done alot of stupid things like jumping off a high three, accidentally mistook the ass of the worst bully on school with his lost school book, and destroyed a entire building once when he mistook a 'don't press me' button with a chocolate bar. He's also addicted to the Internet. He's not the most loved person though. His name is 'sonicthehedgehog466', and as you read before, he's not the greatest when it comes to grammar.

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